“Bryce has been taking swim lessons since April. He started at 12 months old. A couple of weeks ago Bryce and his 11 year old brother were playing in the backyard. Bryce was trying to pull something out of the pool and fell in. He immediately rolled onto his back and put his hands behind his head. His brother jumped in and pulled him out. We were relieved to know that even in a cold pool with all his clothes on, he knew just what to do. Giving us the time to get him out safely. Thank you SO much for teaching him this valuable tool! Thanks again.”grateful parent

“I have been with Swim Safe for 2 years now and I can’t believe what Swim Safe has accomplished in this time. The private lessons have taught my son to love swimming. He has become a great swimmer at 3 1/2 years old. You can’t find the “one on one” Swim Safe has given us anywhere else! Thank you so much!”
K. F.

“My wife and I enrolled our grand daughters Summer and Skylar in your swim school. We were so pleased to see the progress they made in such a short time. Please extend our thanks to Jamie as she was the girl’s teacher and she did an amazing job with them. Aside from being a competent, professional instructor, her mannerisms and friendly personality endeared the girls to her which made all the difference in the world. Again, please tell her thank you.”D. R.

“I used to work at a brain injury hospital where the majority of the 2 years and under children were near-drowning victims. This experience left me looking for a place to bring my children at an early age to teach water safety. I have 4 children who were taught as young as 5 months old to be water safe. I had not found another program that taught safety first. This service should be provided in every community. I cannot recommend this enough to parents who want to keep their children safe. Kids do not make big splashes when they fall into water. If they are not afraid, finding the wall or floating on their back will allow them to yell and get someone’s attention. His instructors and this swim school are incredible and have given me the comfort I need and the ability my children need to be safe in water. I commend then for the great service they provide to our community.”J. M.

“My son has attended Swim Safe Swim School since he was 5 months old. I placed him in the school so early, because I have known several children who drowned under the age of 2. The teachers at this school are incredible, and very loving. They understand the concept of how to communicate with children, and they also believe in the child no matter what the age. My son was pushed into a jacuzzi by another child, and he was able to get his way to the top and I thank the teachers for teaching Jacob those skills. Thank you for considering Swim Safe for the community.”C.A.

“I enrolled my son in Swim Safe Swim School 10 months ago, at the age of 3 years 2 months. Within a month of lessons he learned to swim freestyle independently. The teacher was very patient and communicated well with him. I’ve been impressed with the teachers ability to teach proper technique in a manner that young children can understand. My son continues to develop his swimming skills, and I have comfort in knowing he’s able to swim, as we have a swimming pool at home as well as some friends. I strongly recommend the swim school to anyone with young children.”V. G.“A few weeks ago, I came to you with concern regarding my kid’s unpleasant experience, while enrolled in the City of Orange summer swimming program. They both went into the program excited to learn and have fun. Unfortunately, they just became scared of the water and to say the least incapable of even floating. Since we enrolled in your school, the results Madison and Andrew are reaching in such a short period of time are dazzling. They are both leaping forward, week after week; while having fun and rebuilding their confidence. I am amazed by the techniques you utilize to effectively teach the fundamentals to both of them. More amazing, your approach to teaching is truly taileried to fit the kid’s personal learning style, abilities, and personality. I would also like to add that our experience with all the teachers we dealth with at your school has been very positive. Finally, we wish we had known you when the kids were babies, as we see the little ones in your pool swimming before they can even walk. Today, we are certain that our kids will become good safe swimmers. Who knows…you might have opened to them the doors to a lifelong rewarding sport.”B. B.

“My daughter (2 years old) has been swimming at Swim Safe for over a year and is doing spectacular. Swim Safe taught her with loving care and most importantly, she is water safe!” 

“Due to my daughter’s stroke technique lessons this winter she was able to qualify for her high school swim team this spring. We have enjoyed our return to Swim Safe where Adelina first learned to swim.”