Private Lessons provide the fastest progress for all ages and are easy to schedule
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Infants and Toddlers learn more quickly and safely with our certified instructors selected specifically for their skill in handling children.

Parent-Tot is an excellent introduction to swimming lessons and to a new person "the teacher".

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Children and Adults make rapid progress in private lessons because the instructor can work on exactly what is needed to make the student a better swimmer. Parents whose children have been in other programs are frequently surprised at how quickly we have helped their children advance.
Double Private Lessons or semi-private lessons are good for students of approximately the same abilities. Coupled together the students can have more practice time for the same cost as a private lesson. ( 30 minute class. Students must be able to safely work in a group.)
Group Lessons consist of 3-5 children of approximately the same level. These lessons combine stroke improvement with the fun and dynamics of a group.

Pre-competitive Swim Team Novice level. The students should be able to swim freestyle and backstroke, conditioning, technique and endurance. Stokes improved through drill work.

Lessons for adults & children! Call 714-538-7946 Adult Lessons: We have had great success teaching adults to swim.These lessons are designed to allow adult students to progress at their own rate. Adults, even the most fearful ones, tend to learn more quickly and easily than children. Advanced skills also taught. If your child is enrolled, take advantage of the time by enrolling yourself also.

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